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Engagement drives revenues, profits, market share, growth ...

Engaging is about taking actions to gain the commitment of your People to staying with you longer, delivering your products and services faster, better, cheaper, and with a smile which makes your customers happy to come back to you, and bring their friends and their friends and their friends...

The Business Case for Employee Engagement

Research worldwide by several thought leaders has established the linkage between employees’ level of engagement and the bottom line. The research findings were:

  • Highly committed employees perform better and are less likely to leave.
  • 10-15% of employees demonstrate very strong commitment to their organizations, while 10-15% are actively disengaged.
  • 70 - 80% of employees are only moderately committed - Fence sitters.
  • Organizations can benefit tremendously by converting the large chunk of fence sitters into committed employees.
  • Inaction can, on the other hand, lead to fence-sitters becoming actively disengaged over a period of time.

Improvement in Engagement can lead to

  • Increase in employee's effort levels and thereby enhance performance.
  • Decrease the employee's probability of departure.

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