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Experience the power of a customized Employee Engagement Survey

To Know more about how Pulse can impact Employee Performance & Retention in your Organization, call us, and we will customize a Pulse Measurement for you.

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Pulse comprises 27 questions to assess 6 dimensions each of Satisfaction & Motivation, and 3 of Affiliation.

Pulse can be deployed manually, through email as well as through the Internet.

Responses are analysed for trends and patterns including correlation with attrition and performance data to determine actions which will positively impact business results.

hrcraft also supports corporations in providing feedback on the Engagement results to People Managers and facilitating People Managers in identifying actions to enhance Engagement Levels

Time frames
A typical Employee Engagement Process takes between 45 - 60 days from start to reporting results.

Deploy Pulse
To measure Engagement levels in your organization send us a mail at [email protected] or call +91 11 40536496 / 66619227, and we will help you deploy a customized measurement for you.

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